Do subliminal tapes work better than normal tapes?

Do subliminal tape work better than normal tapes? Yay or nay? Subliminal messaging is not something new. When it first hit the scene in 1950’s, citizens caused a major uproar and were very upset when they found advertisers had used the sneaky way out to “Seduce” consumers to buying their product. Now, the subliminal techniques are stretched a little bit further, but for a good cause. Say hi to subliminal tapes and CDs!

Subliminal CDs are there to help you in various ailments. Every CD/tape caters to different set of ailment. And not to mention, almost everything is curable with subliminal tapes. Be it for issues like bed-wetting, building confidence, and quit smoking, these subliminal tapes can help you improve your life drastically.

Subliminal tapes work by re-training your brain. As such, it will enable you to change your way of thinking and you will get to lead a better life.

Let us consider the example whereby you want to re-set your brain from years of overeating. By grabbing the right kind of subliminal CD, you can get to reduce the amount of food that your body initially craves for. As such, you will learn how to eat less. Sounds almost ridiculous doesn’t it? But it definitely worked! Shopping centres in America uses this technique too, to prevent the scaling problem of shoplifting. And true enough, by playing Muzak that was embedded with subliminal messaging like “I am honest” and “I will not steal”, reports of shop lifting has decreased drastically.

This method also works for people who want to quit smoking but just cannot seem to find the right way to do it. Just tuning to subliminal tapes can instantly eliminate craving for ciggies.

And the best is yet to come. You can even use subliminal tapes to train yourself while you are sleeping! So imagine the time and effort that you will get to save on building your self esteem when you just simply turn on a subliminal tape while you snore peacefully in your comfort zone. It is definitely a great way to catch up with those books that you meant to read, but never got the chance to.

While subliminal tapes and CDs are up for grabs on online stores like eBay, you can also choose to put your creative cap on and make your OWN subliminal tape! However, This definitely requires a LOT of time and effort, but if you do a fantastic job, your own record will be many times more effective than the ones that you can find in stores. You can read up on techniques to creating your personalized subliminal tape, but they might not be of much help. Furthermore, if you are a technology noob, forget about these software and programmes and what not. If you create a subliminal tape wrongly, beware of the problems that you might encounter.

Otherwise, if you refuse to splurge on these tapes, try searching for free subliminal mp3 (legal!) downloads online. There are quite a plenty to choose from, but if you were looking for a specific subliminal tape, you’d probably have a harder time looking.

The verdict is pretty clear as to which is the better self-help tool in the market. You might be pretty sceptical about it, but with more than enough proof to go around, you might consider tuning to subliminal tapes to help you improve your life and be a better person.

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