Hidden subliminal messages in cartoons and movies

IT is the 21st century. Everything has a subliminal message to it. From advertisements to music, now it has invaded movies and even cartoons!  Hidden subliminal messages in cartoon and movies can be pretty dangerous for the younger viewers. This is especially the case when movies also now cater to the younger generation. As parents, how do we stop our kids from getting their brains influenced subconsciously when we ourselves cannot detect it with our naked eye?

The lessons that the media conveys to those parts of the mind without conscious perception through the cartoons that people watch are referred to as subliminal messages. You will most probably freak out when you get to hear about the list about the cartoons and movies that contain subliminal messages to it! And not to mention, these subliminal messages can be pretty explicit in its contents.

In the ever-famous Disney production of Aladdin, they discovered that in one of the musical while Aladdin was singing with the Princess, if the song is played backwards, it will reveal a phrase something like “Good girls take your clothes off”. Ok, this is totally shocking. All these while, your kid has been re-watching Aladdin time and again, singing to the music and songs in  Aladdin and god forbid! Little did we realise about what he was singing actually.  There are plenty of subliminal messages in other Disney production. Some of them would include The Lion King and The Little Mermaid, just to name a few.

Lets shift our focus on cartoons. Now, which kid doesn’t love cartoons? In one of the episode of Pokemon, Meowth said, “If that’s the democratic way, I am voting Republican.” Sure, the government has decided to do some brainwashing on our kids too. When children watch cartoons, they pay attention to what is being said. When these things are said whilst watching cartoons, the child’s subconscious mind is exposed to auditory subliminal messages that they might not be able to discover but eventually become apart of their lives. Most of these messages have a negative effect on children. And also, most of the time, the messages are most common in popular cartoons.

Who doesn’t remember the lovable Spongebob Squarepants? This cartoon is still popular up to this day and new episodes are still being created. And it is only recently that people have speculated that there are certain subliminal messages found hidden in a number of episodes. People believed that Spongebob uses metaphors in place of profanity. When Spongebob is disappointed, he often yells out “Tartar Sauce”. Sounds completely normal to the kids, but to the adult ear, this may sound like its intended to represent a vulgarity. Some said that names like Crabby Patties, Mr Crabs and Squidward are subliminal names, that intend to make the viewer hungry.

There are many cartoons that have subliminal messages embedded in them. Other examples would include Rugrats where they believed that the idea of lesbianism is promoted here in Phil and Lil’s mum, Betty Deville, who always wears a bandana, hangs out with feminine woman, loves sports and yells a lot.

Every cartoon can’t be made perfectly safe for the child’s viewing and some of the verbal content may be mistaken for auditory subliminal messages. Subliminal messages are forbidden in some countries. There are no cartoons that are subliminal-proof. So, as a parent, it is up to you to decide what’s best for your child’s after-school TV show.

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