Learn how to use subliminal messages to influence people

Subliminal originated from the Latin word sub (below) and limen (threshold). The threshold in this case would refer to the threshold our conscious awareness. Or basically, anything that is too faint, too brief, or otherwise does not stimulate our senses sufficiently to cause us to notice it, yet influences subsequent tests in some way, is considered as part of subliminal stimuli. Subliminal messages work by affecting the subconscious mind. It is not a wonder that advertisers love to use subliminal techniques at getting the crowd that they want. Learn how to use subliminal messages to influence people today, and you will get to attain the right kind of crowd too! Definitely a great business strategy!

There are many uses to subliminal. But at the end of the day, the intention of these people who wishes to use it remains. They just want to influence a big mass of people, to believe in what they have got to say/offer. Be it for the good of the people or the opposite, the use of subliminal messaging in pictures and/or music has always been popular.

In the past, when subliminal messages were first used in advertisements of products, it has caused an uproar among citizens and congressmen. These violet reactions are evident during the famous period whereby the movie theatres included subliminal images of Coca Cola across the faces of the hunky looking actors. This has effectively caused the viewers to have the desire to grab a Cola from the movie theatre. They even reported an increase in 58% of Coke sales! This is not the only example. Nowadays, with the availability of better software and programs for use; subliminal messaging is more widely used throughout famous advertisements. It is hard to detect the subliminal message in ads by giving it a quick glance. You will definitely need to ponder in front of the ad to spot for the “hidden Mickey.”

Then comes the idea of subliminal CDs. These CDs are songs that aid in self-improvement. Not only that, it is said to improve the conditions of certain ailments like bed wetting, constant fainting, anxiety attacks, and surprisingly, it can help you to improve your self-confidence too. These subliminal CDs consist of “Therapeutic” songs that have subliminal messages embedded in it. And in addition to the affirmations that are hidden, by listening to this form of songs are said to help in relieving stress! You can improve so much just by listening to a CD! The influence that it has on people is quite long lasting too. In fact, based on a research from a weight loss clinic, all of patients who are exposed to subliminal music lost much more weight, than those who did not listen to subliminal music. A lady even lost up to 100 pounds within a year!

And little did we know that our national flag is also designed such that is promotes a healthy subliminal message too! Research has shown that the subliminal presentation of a national symbol affects not only political attitudes, but also voting intentions and actual voting in general elections.  In the first experiment, the Israeli participants, divided into two groups at random, were asked about their attitudes towards core issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Prior to answering these questions, half of them were exposed to subliminal images of the Israeli flag projected on a monitor and half of them were not. The results show that the former group tended to shift to the political centre.

Truly inspiring! There are plenty of uses for subliminal messaging. And most of the time, it is used to create a greater influence on a large mass. However, do also take note of the few unhealthy subliminal messages that can be found in music and pictures.

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