How do subliminal messages in music works?

Subliminal messages can refer to two forms of messages. The good and the bad. However, for most of the time, it would refer to the kind of music that sends out positive vibes. The subliminal music that we hear affects us consciously and subconsciously. Our subconscious is able to remember and hear almost everything! So, how do subliminal messages in music works to affect us positively? We will find it out together by the end of this article.

Have ever heard about patients who are under anaesthesia, that are able to hear and remember almost everything that the doctor says? While the patient’s body is not consciously awake, by hearing the doctor’s positive remark like “he’s going to be strong and healthy” the patient’s subconscious mind detect this easily and presto! He recovered more quickly indeed!

Similarly, this also goes along the theory, whereby if the patient hears a slightly negative remark from the doctor for example “he will take a few weeks to recover”, the patient will take longer to recover. This is the work of the subconscious mind. It grasp on the words, phrasing, tone of voice and emphasis on words to determine the level of effectiveness of these subliminal messages.

So you get the gist of it. Subliminal messages effects your subconscious mind and in return, it will affect your performance level, subconsciously.

Same goes to subliminal messages in music. Subliminal music is said to have the power of giving positive vibes to make a person better in various aspects in life. Subliminal music is largely used in improving one’s health, be it physically or mentally. It feels like a miracle! Subliminal music is said to aid people in relieving stress, improve confidence, make one quit smoking and also for motivation purposes.

Subliminal messages works by aiming on one’s psyche or subconscious mind. This music helps to remove unnecessary negative thought and replace is with more pleasant thinking. This pleasant thinking would then allow the person to be more motivated and hence improving his ability to think. As a result, the person would be more confident and this improves the person’s character.

It can be safely concluded that subliminal messages in music can result in the betterment of the body and soul.

As aforementioned, there are also subliminal messages in music that brings out negative messages. You would have probably heard of people like Led Zeppelin and Queen and pop queen princess Britney Spears. People have confirmed time and again about how songs from these popular artistes have “hidden messages” when some parts of the music are played backwards. Believe it or not, they are true indeed! Who would have guessed that the soothing strums of the Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin are actually filled with satanic verses!

Using subliminal music can help one to improve one’s life. The subconscious mind is something that cannot be controlled. However, we do have to try to make full use of the subconscious mind as our mind is controlled largely by what we hear and observe. Imagine, just by tuning to some subliminal music, you can change drastically into a brand new person! Easy and effective! Definitely worth the try!

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