Can subliminal messages in songs aid in self-improvement?

Who would believe that a CD alone could change the person to a new leaf? With technology, nothing is impossible. Many would ask, “Can subliminal messages in songs aid in self- improvement?” It seems almost surreal doesn’t it? Give eBay a visit today and search on subliminal CDs. Boy, you would be rewarded with an endless list of products! That just shows that subliminal CDs are growing in demand.

Here, we are definitely not referring to subliminal messages that contain perverse or satanic liturgy. Subliminal messages in songs would refer to us as self-improvement CDs that are specially designed for people on the move. In the past, no such technology is able to support such a program for cassette tapes. But with the changing time, you can simply get your subliminal CD playing and you are on your way to a better man in no time!

By listening to subliminal CD, the mind can bring about self-healing. This is due to the fact of mind over body. Just by studying and altering the negative through patterns in the subconscious mind, you can eliminate negative thoughts. Did you know that subliminal messages could heighten you immune system and correct negative thoughts, which results in personal growth. Though, the result may vary with each individual.

Subliminal CDs are embedded with positive affirmation into the subconscious mind and because of this special ability; more people are using these subliminal CDs for medicinal and behavioral therapy sessions. They can also be used to promote a low stress environment, boosting performance and motivating attitudes.

Loyal supporters of subliminal CDS believed that they achieved their goals of improvement in self-esteem or weight loss just by letting the conscious to convince the subconscious. From a research based on a weight loss clinic, patients that were exposed to videotape and audiocassette with subliminal messages has resulted in dramatic weight loss. One woman even lost 100 pounds in one year! This is definitely a better record than that of diet programs that are not accompanied by subliminal messages.

From further tests and research, the after effect of using subliminal messages in songs has caused ailments like fainting to drop to nearly zero, smoking in the staff lounge was cut as much as 79%, and the temper flare-ups in the crowded patient waiting room to reduce by nearly 60%. It was also observed that when the subliminal messages were stopped, these problems returned to former levels.

An article in TIME magazine in 1979, titled, Secret Voices,’ reported that nearly 50 department stores in the U.S. were using subliminal messages in the music systems to reduce shoplifting and employee theft. One East Coast chain was reported to have reduced theft by 37%, amounting to the phenomenal savings of $600,000!

The use of subliminal techniques to aid in self-improvement is proven effective. This is definitely one of the best creations that deserve recognition! With more than enough proof to go around, why not give subliminal CD a try today? If it worked for them, it will definitely work for you too!

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