The influence of subliminal ads on people

Time and again, scientists have done countless amount of tests and researches on the influence of subliminal ads on people. But, the question whether this influences in consumer will be a long lasting one, remain unanswered. According to these scientists, they have found the first ever physiological evidence that invisible subliminal images do in fact attract and hence influence the brain’s attention. But this is only evident on the subconscious level.

Tell me about your favorite ad on TV or in the magazine. Why do you favor it? Maybe it is the dramatic irony? Or is it the dry humor? Maybe it is just because of the sneaky subliminal techniques that these advertisers use! You sometimes find certain advertisement highly amusing, but you just can’t reason out why. Scientists term this at the “subliminal reception” whereby the subject knows he is being stimulated, but does not know what it also. And another from of subliminal reception would be when the subject responds without awareness to stimulus.

As the matter of fact, most advertisers prefer to use subliminal techniques and incorporate them into their products as it is said that these subliminal techniques are able to influence the subconscious mind of the consumer. So, even though you may not like the advertisement, the hidden subliminal images or messages might somehow trigger the interest in you, subconsciously. So, subliminal techniques, like most people agree, is like a form of brainwash every time you see an ad.

Subliminal advertising reigned popularity since 1950’s and until now, you can never fail to find subliminal messages and/or images in every major advertisements and magazine cover. The advertising industry, a prominent and powerful industry, engages in deceptive subliminal advertising which most us are unaware of.  Hit the streets or grab a magazine now and you will be bombarded with endless advertisements. However, the ones in control are the ones with knowledge, which means in this case, referring to the advertisers. Using subliminal techniques allow advertisers to bypass our subconscious mind and hence allowing them to tap into the vulnerabilities that are surrounding our unconscious mind. That is how these advertisers manipulate and control us.

So you are still in disbelief about these advertisers and their sneaky tactics? Let us explore further:

Grab a can of Diet Coke from the vending machine. Well, it looks like an ordinary Coke can doesn’t it? Script letters on white bubbles floating on a silver can. Perfectly normal. Now, turn your attention to the passion red glass on the lower left and hold the can arm’s length away. Can you see it now? It represents some kind of a sexual image! Coca-cola manages to get away with it by simply placing the image in an inconspicuous spot on the can, masked by the fizzing bubbles and bold print. Since Diet Coke is targeted at female consumers, it would seem illogical to embed female breasts onto the soda can. But according to scientists, female genitalia are directed to females while male genitalia in ads are usually directed to male audiences.

Yes, it is definitely hard to believe, especially as consumers, we are exposed to a plethora of advertisements, and we don’t even bother to give a specific advertisement a second look and search for the subliminal message/image. Advertisers are just doing their job, but as consumers, beware of dangerous subliminal images/messages, that can result in serious effects.

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